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Combating Child Labor in Haiti

“Ending Modern-Day Slavery”

In modern Haiti more than 300,000 children are victims of domestic slavery. In Haitian Creole they are called “restaveks” from the French “rester avec” meaning “stay with.” Many parents, who live in poverty, are unable to feed their children and give them away to orphanages or to more affluent families, hoping that their child will be fed, cared for, and sent to school. Unfortunately, that’s not often the case. But, with few exceptions, these children become slaves, working in the homes of their “masters” from early morning till night.

Many of the restaveks are not permitted to go to school and are exposed to domestic and sexual violence. Children as young as 4 years old are involved in this practice. This situation is so serious that Anti-Slavery stated that, in its experience, “the practice of restavèk in Haiti constitutes one of the worst and most widespread manifestations of domestic child servitude to be found anywhere in the world”.

Who are we trying to help?

Many parents, who live in poverty, are unable to feed their children; so with broken hearts, they give them away to more affluent families, hoping that their child will live in better conditions, and obtain an education. But, with few exceptions, these children work as domestic servants, working in the homes of their “masters” from early morning till night and are exposed to sexual violence. Continue reading “Who are we trying to help?”

Education Changes Everything

Eighty per cent of the schools in Haiti are private. This means that most parents must pay school fees, putting poor and marginalized children at risk of not being able to access education. The quality of the education provided is also poor, with such quality disproportionally affecting the rural areas. There is a lack of qualified teachers and those who are qualified prefer to work in urban areas. Continue reading “Education Changes Everything”

Project Of Hope

Combating Child Labor Project “Project of Hope” Through increasing quality and access to affordable education for poor children and skills training for poor youth and women, this project aims to give a concrete possibility of social and economic empowerment to the adults of tomorrow and to all their families. Continue reading “Project Of Hope”



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“It is lack of literacy among the poor that leaves them at mercy of others”
ARCF-Save the Kids together with local institutions/schools working together are making a huge difference in their lives.

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Build School

Health Surveillance


ARCF’s Support Community Building “SCB” Program

In September of 1998 Hurricane Georges had just wreaked havoc on Haiti, leaving 167,332 homeless. Bon Berger Orphanage lost everything with 54 children losing home, food, and school. They were trying to stay alive in unbelievably subhuman conditions. Four year later Senator Mike DeWine of Ohio came to Haiti and visited the site observed the devastation, and recommended USAID/CENH grant funds to At Risk Children Foundation to do the reconstruction.

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“Escaping Poverty Trough Education” Program


There is a large population of orphaned children in Haiti, many of whom are living on the streets,
prior to the earthquake and untold thousands added to that number after it.

At Risk Children foundation, partnered with Fondation pour la Survie de l’Enfants Haitien “FSEH” Trees
for Life-Haiti to help support two great causes. Please help us support them!

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