Glenna Stinson Soveyo Project Coordinator
glennaGlenna Stinson: was Born in Kansas City, MO. Her early career background includes Early Childhood Development, teacher, Social Welfare Services, Art Education ,and business owner.

She traveled to Haiti in August 1989 with two friends and church members.  After spending only three days she returned to the US and made a commitment to return to Haiti and devote her life to serve where ever she was needed.  During that period Americans were advised not to travel to Haiti so with friends support and her own resources she returned two months later and has continued to work and live in Haiti for the past 23 years.

Glenna met Marlene in 1995 and assisted Marlene in developing FSEH until 1996.

She returned to the US until 1998 and came back to Haiti to develop The Haitian Wood Initiative. The project was thwarted by the fall of the Haitian government so she decided to start an environmental protection program with her partner Fritz Desulme, Trees for Life Haiti.

Trees for Life Haiti received support from Trees for Life International in 2003 and began programs in 46 localities offering community organizing and introducing activities such as tree-planting, local nurseries, increased food production, soil conservation, seed banks, and local school participation in areas most threatened by deforestation and environmental disasters from hurricanes, flooding, and unskilled farming practices.

TFLH is the first organization to introduce the use of the Miracle Trees Moringa. Communities received the information and training to produce Moringa Leaf Powder for nutrition and treatment of health issues resulting in malnutrition and vitamin deficiencies. ( see Trees For for more info on the Moringa Tree benefits).  TFLH has partnered with organizations focused on disaster prevention such as the French Red Cross, American Red Cross, Norwich Mission, Digicel, UN, International church-based projects, and local Haitian Church and community leaders. TFLH has facilitated the planting of over 1 million trees and assisted in establishing 40 local nurseries and offered environmental education seminars to over 30 local schools.

When the Earthquake struck in 2010 TFLH was responsible for the distribution of food, shelter and clothing to over 4000 victims of the earthquake in the mountain community where she lives.

After reuniting with Marlene in 2012 Glenna and TFLH look forward to offering their experience and service to At Risk Children Foundation / Save the kids.