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One Classroom at a Time !
Many Haitian parents who live in poverty, are unable to feed their children, so with broken hearts, they give them away to more affluent families, hoping that their child will live in better conditions, and obtain an education. But, with few exceptions, these children work as domestic servants, working in the homes of their “masters” from early morning till night. Many of them are not permitted to go to school and are exposed to domestic and sexual violence.

It’s 300,000 children with names, families hope and dreams. When confronted with the reality, we must respond. This is not someone else’s crisis…it’s all of ours. That’s why our key investment is in the children themselves. These children possess stunning resilience and untapped intelligence and creativity. These are the harsh, life-and-death issues that have brought these children to At Risk school program with benefits they may never otherwise receive.


This video content is by Press TV Documentaries that we hope will raise the awareness about child in domestic servitude in Haiti, and spread the word . We would like to thank the Press TV Documentaries for allowing us to use real photos for the website presentation, and info from their documentaries.


Post hurricane Matthew – As in most disasters, the children suffer the most.  Our children in Custine, Cavaillon, southwest Haiti were in a very precarious situation. Schools were completely destroyed, some lost their homes, and all that is familiar to them.
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Get to know Custine Villagers

Custine is located in the southwestern region of Haiti in the rural section of Cavaillion, the poorest in the region, and the nearest city is “Les Cayes”.  It is three kilometres from the ocean and the river Massacre runs thru the region. Custine section has 11 localities, population 15,000.  The approximate number of children in the whole section is 3,500 and At Risk Children Foundation has indentified 1,200 children at risk who are experiencing lack of food/nutrition, basic necessities, health care, and lack of education.

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“Escaping Poverty Trough Education” Program


There is a large population of orphaned children in Haiti, many of whom are living on the streets,
prior to the earthquake and untold thousands added to that number after it.

At Risk Children foundation, partnered with Fondation pour la Survie de l’Enfants Haitien “FSEH” Trees
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