For the last 15 years, At Risk Children Foundation has provided educational, and cultural solutions as a key to help end extreme poverty in Haiti. Our School Ministry Program is focusing on empowering, and educating youth, by providing them with the resources they need to succeed.

On September 5th, 2016, children in Haiti returned to school with hope for a better future. At Risk Children is still transitioning from its recovery efforts caused by that massive dark cloud, the horrendous storm called Matthew. It pelted these innocents with howling winds, churning floods, and knee-deep mud. Oh! the pain! The desolation! The grief! Matthew, show unimaginable ruin. People, who already had so little, lost the little they had.

Education is the prime answer to combating poverty in Haiti, and for 9 years At Risk Children Foundation has subsidized education for our Haitian children. Individual donors have accomplished this, but with success comes additional need.



Please Donate today to brighten a child’s return to school and pave the road to his or her future. Help us continue to provide these vital resources to those who need it most.