Education Changes Everything

Eighty per cent of the schools in Haiti are private. This means that most parents must pay school fees, putting poor and marginalized children at risk of not being able to access education. The quality of the education provided is also poor, with such quality disproportionally affecting the rural areas. There is a lack of qualified teachers and those who are qualified prefer to work in urban areas.

For the last 17 years, At Risk Children has provided educational and cultural solutions as a key to help end extreme poverty in Haiti. ARCF’s Combating Child Labor Project, is focusing on empowering, and educating youth, by providing them with the resources they need to succeed.

September of every year, start the beginning of the school calendar year, children in Haiti returned to school with hope for a better future. We enrolled between 15 to 20 more students each year into the program. ARCF believe the next generation is the future of Haiti and that education is the key to a better future for these children.

Helping Haitians help themselves, empowering parents, communities, and teachers is the best way to improve education in Haiti. By empowering local communities to improve their own future, we are changing a nation, block by block. Individual donors have accomplished this, but with success come additional need.

Your support will help us contribute to the improvement of educational quality in Haiti. The most immediate way you can help is to make a donation toward At Risk Children Foundation, which will benefit parents, students and teachers in Haiti.


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Please Donate today to brighten a child’s return to school and pave the road to his or her future. Help us continue to provide these vital resources to those who need it most.