ARCF-Save the Kids is known for its ability to involve volunteers in the development and delivery of its services in a unique and meaningful way. Nationally it has a ratio of approximately 50 strong volunteers, higher by far than any other small organization in Haiti. Volunteer efforts make service delivery more cost effective and are, in fact, the backbone of most ARCF-Save the Kids’ programs
ARCF’s volunteers come from a broad range of backgrounds and diverse expertise to optimize the effectiveness of its programs.

Becoming a volunteer will change your life. In addition to the personal satisfaction of knowing you are helping save a child’s life, you will gain the following:
1. A profound understanding & observation of how the world’s poor live.
2. First-hand experience and an understanding of children’s material, mental, and emotional needs.
3. Compassion for the poorest of the poor.

For More Information
Please send a request at: info@atriskchildren.org