lwf0097Eight years after the devastating earthquake that hit Haiti in January 12, 2010. 600,000 illiterate children remain out of school, of which 300,000 are orphans, vulnerable children, leaving the country’s next generation of leaders on the streets without education, mentors, and the necessary tools to move beyond a life of destruction and disappointment.

Most organizations and humanitarian initiatives coming to the aid of the Haitian people settle in and around the country’s capital, Port-au-Prince. As a result, the bulk of Haiti’s population estimated at 70% lives outside the capital and does not receive the attention of foreign aid and ministries entering Haiti.

The local government of Custine, Cavaillon donated 2½ acres of land to ARCF-Save the Kids for the proposed project. This school would integrate essential agricultural training and emphasize critical environmental classes to meet and even surpass the national curriculum. There is a great need to provide an education that includes environmental awareness and protection practices for the future survival of this area.