The Primary Objective of this project is to respond to the request of the community of Custine by organizing, educating, and empowering, and training toward capacity-building programs that create self-sustainability in remote communities and offer this as a model project for duplication in other remote areas.  The Learning Center will comprise, a multipurpose hall, a library books storage room, two offices and toilets. The center will accommodate the literacy school for adults, a course of ICT, some recreational activities.

Two rooms of the center will serve as library and in which students of all levels will have the possibility to deepen the knowledge acquired at school. One of the rooms will be fitted with shelves and stocked with reference books for infants, youth of both primary and secondary level plus general reference books and magazines. There will be also a general book section for leisure reading.. There will be also a veranda space where a wider public will have the possibility to read in a comfortable and safe environment.

Other related assets would be a public address system, music system, a video and television system indoor and outdoor games. The place would be organized into a resource and recreational centre where the youth can meet and recreate in a constructive and guided way. They will have access to resources and information that enables them to be connected to wider society and to the world. Where awareness and sensitization programs can be run on current topics such as HIV/ AIDS, male/female relationships, drug abuse, etc…. The multipurpose hall would be furnished for use as a reading and study room or workshop and training purposes.