Although education is “free” in Haiti, only half of all children are enrolled in primary school. This is because 92% of schools are private, leaving most families unable to pay school fees. The average yearly cost to send a child to school ranges from $1,400.00 USD in inner-city area and $552.00 USD in the countryside. This includes enrolment fees, tuition, uniforms, books, shoes, and all other supplies. This fee eliminates nearly all children attendance, especially in rural Haiti where 70% of the Haitian population lives.

These costs are impossible for nearly 80% of all Haitian families and render school as unattainable. As a result, an estimated 600,000 children are illiterate. In response to this, since 2008, ARCF schooling ministry, has partnered at five Faith-based schools to overcome some of these varied challenges.

A one-time gift of $500.00 provides a year schooling for a child.