Custine is located in the southwestern region of Haiti in the rural section of Cavaillion, the poorest in the region, and the nearest city is “Les Cayes”.  It is three kilometres from the ocean and the river Massacre runs thru the region. Custine section has 11 localities, population 15,000.  The approximate number of children in the whole section is 3,500 and At Risk Children Foundation has indentified 1,200 children at risk who are experiencing lack of food/nutrition, basic necessities, health care, and lack of education.

Most families live in small one-or two rooms without electricity, no running water. They rely on charcoal as the principle energy. The majority of arable land is planted with low-yield traditional crops, and farms-families are forced for economic reasons to degrade the environment. Slash and burn crops, and farming remain the prevalent method of preparing land.  Poverty, combined with increased population pressure on the land, has also contributed to deterioration in the environment.


Greater Custine, has only 1 grade school and no additional facility. It charges 2,800 Gourdes equivalent to $70.00 U.S dollars a year, not including books, uniform, shoes or special fees. This fee prohibits Continue reading “School”


Rural Haiti is filled with mothers and fathers who have high hopes– almost desperate hopes– that their children will have a better future.  Once such mom is Marie Dorzilma, who currently depends on ARCF’s school program Continue reading “Economy”


Residence in Custine survive in Shacks-or-Mud Huts. These huts have no running water, electricity of sanitation Their main water come from the Massacre River, where livestock drink and relieve Continue reading “Community”