Residence in Custine survives in Shacks-or-Mud Huts. These huts have no running water, electricity or sanitation. Their main water comes from the Massacre River, where livestock drink and relieve themselves, and nearly every water source has become contaminatedwith human and animal waste because of the absence of a sewage sanitation system. As a result, the children suffer from intestinal parasites, stomachache, headache and malnutrition.

In partnership with One Family International “OFI”, ARCF’ Save the Kids have built a 15,000-gallon water reservoir, drilled a deep water well to serve more than 1000 people daily. The villagers call this project, “Bon Dlo,” meaning Good Water. This is a life-saving project, resulting in a clean environment for the children and their families.


The children of Haiti represent the worst tragedy in a nation of tragedy. Thousands of children roam the city streets searching for food and shelter.

These are the harsh, life-and-death issues that have brought children to ARCF-Save the Kids program. It provides the poorest of the poor with benefits they may never otherwise receive!

So join the voices of the street children of Haiti, particularly girls in domestic servitude “restavek” who cry out, HELP! HELP!

Thank you! We appreciate your generosity!