Meet 11 year old Chirley, 8 Years ago

Chirley was 5 years old when she lost her mother. When we met her, she was 11 years old, and has been in our education program ever since. She completed her primary school cycle at age 15, to attend her secondary at Les “Soeurs de la Charité de St-Hyacinthe”.in Cavaillon, now 19 she is in Port au Prince to complete her schooling. She wants to be an Agronomist, for the development of Custine, the village where she was born. Picture to the left she is with Sister Jacqueline, who adores her.

Free education as we know it in the United States is nonexistent in many developing countries, including Haiti. Today Haiti faces a multitude of challenges, magnified by the devastation of the 2010 earthquake, resulting 600,000 children are illiterate. ARCF’s mission is to break that cycle of poverty among our youth.

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