Chambre de l’Enfance Nécessiteuse Haitienne – Chamber of Needy Children” “CENH” has been re-established with a purpose to promote, facilitate and develop, by all means at its disposal, the socio-medico-economic relations between the various organizations and target groups concerned with the well-being of orphans and vulnerable children, and to examine all the related problems.

CENH’s overall objectives are to:

  • Serve as a central regrouping of Haitian organizations working to improve the living conditions of orphaned and / or at-risk children,
  • Serve as a vehicle between donors and recipients,
  • encourage organization to initiate self-sustain ability,
  • create a space for reflection and debate on the problematic of children in their care,
  • act as an intermediary and conduit between the donor organizations and the populations / organizations / target groups who do not know who to contact,
  • establish a database of data concerning them in order to have an adapted working tool, and an organization capable of channeling them,
  • concentrate and distribute resources, gifts, bequests, in-kind or cash received by ARCF-Save the Kids for the benefit of the target group,
  • assist in connecting individuals, humanitarian groups concerned with the promotion, advancement and well-being of the children, as well as in finding outlets.

What is our project and how will it help?

Our project is about the support of disadvantaged children through access to health and education. The activities in regard to education are as follows:

  • Payment of the school fees for children
  • Distribution of materials and school supplies (books, notebooks, pens, pencils, erasers, geometry instruments, school bags, etc…)
  • The provision of hot meals to children daily through canteens that will be set up for them
  • The provision of uniforms and footwear for children to compensate for the lack of financial resources of the parents
  • The distribution of toys to children who do not have access because they are disadvantaged in relation to their social and economic position of their parents

Health (Mobile Clinic) is the provision of medical care for children. The CENH health service will call on doctors and nurses who run mobile clinics in poor neighborhoods and rural area where there are poor children. We will give free medicines to children. The most difficult cases identified will be referred to public hospitals for better medical care. Food kits will be given to children twice a month.

To ensure the implementation of the program, we need to mobilize the human, financial and material resources needed.

From a social point of view, the project addresses the problem of children who do not have the opportunity of receiving education, medical care and food at least once a day. The project contributes to the reduction of illiteracy and lack of education in Haiti, particularly in the targeted communities

It should be remembered that more than one million children do not attend school and the number grows each year taking account of new births.

Beneficiaries are vulnerable children and families.


ARCF aims to alleviate hunger and poverty among the children and families. Increased inputs to elementary education will raise retention rates, especially for girls and the rural poor, leading to greater numbers of children continuing on to further schooling and to wider job opportunities.
This will help raise the quality of elementary education, enable the children to reach their potential and ultimately improve the quality of their lives. If these children know the value of being a human being, they cannot be forced to live below that value and will realize that they have a choice. By serving these children, ARCF-Save the Kids will improve the quality of life for the entire community.

How Can You Help

YOU can brighten and save a child’s future by helping him or her return to school, and succeed.

Your donation will empower our efforts to provide these life-giving resources to those who need it most.