Post hurricane Matthew – As in most disasters, the children suffer the most.  Our children in Custine, Cavaillon, southwest Haiti were in a very precarious situation. Schools were completely destroyed, some lost their homes, and all that is familiar to them.

At Risk Children responded by turning an open pavilion into a makeshift tent-school for 60 students, hoping to build 4 classrooms before the rainy season starts in April.


A gift of $7,500 from a Good Samaritan was the answer to our prayers. Along with community participation, we began the construction of four classrooms instantaneously. The entire community rejoiced!

Needed School Funding:

Urgently we need to fence around the school for security, classrooms furniture, supplies, and materials, books and school supplies, to build 4 cubicles for sanitary needs w/showers, build a small canteen and school benches for the school.

How Can You Help

YOU can brighten and save a child’s future by helping him or her return to school, and succeed.

Your donation will empower our efforts to provide these life-giving resources to those who need it most.