Health Surveillance

The primary problems that ARCF-CENH seeks to address is that most institutions/shelters housing orphans do not have the knowledge of skills necessary to maintain acceptable minimal health standards: Due to the lack of guardian expertise, many negative behavior patterns have arisen that severely impact the level of care that the resident children receive. The repercussions of this behavior result in an increase in preventable illness, as well as the exasperation of more severe health conditions due to a lack of treatment. Certain cases, even result in the death of a child.

At Risk Children Health Program is based on the assumption that basic education and access to information and knowledge has a positive impact on individual well-being and behavior patterns. Thus, by focusing on the deficient areas, institutions will raise their health level to an acceptable, safe and sustainable echelon and prevent future child suffering and/or death.

The ARCF-CENH health surveillance program focuses on a preventative and durable strategy of training, education, and research. Most institution lack the basic material resources to make the program feasible, thus the program also incorporates many elements designed to procure and allocate necessary disease control, nutrition, water, sanitation and essential drugs supplies and equipment.

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