Health Surveillance

In Haiti, less than 20% of the population has access to health care in their community.

The Government doesn’t have the means to ensure an efficient distribution of health resources. The majority of the health care facilities are concentrated in Port-au-Prince and in other larger cities. This situation deprives remote areas of structure to ensure the provision of even basic health care to the population.

The primary problems that At Risk Children- Save the Kids seeks to address is the majority of orphanages /institutions housing orphan or vulnerable children does not have the knowledge or skills necessary to maintain an acceptable minimal health standards. Due to the lack of funding, guardian expertise, many negative behavior patterns have arisen that severely impact the level of care that the resident children receive. Certain cases, even result in the death of a child.

ARCF-Save the Kids Mobile Clinic and Health Education Program is for the benefit of the children and the populations in remote areas with no access to basic health care. This program is based on both preventive, as well as training of the communities on prevention and on the hygiene basic principles.

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