Build School

Many Haitian parents, in rural poor who live in poverty, are unable to feed their children; so with broken hearts, they give them away to more affluent families, hoping that their child will live in better conditions, and obtain an education.
But, with few exceptions, these children work as domestic servants, working in the homes of their “masters” from early morning till night. Many of them are not permitted to go to school and are exposed to domestic and sexual violence

The Soveyo School is to keep the youth at home, out of the predatory environmentsof the city(s) and the predators’ reachand encouraged parents to keep their children at home.

ARCF– Save the Kids proposes to raise $450,000.00 to build the Soveyo School Learning Center in 4 phases. The first phase (4 classrooms) of the project is completion of the school’s center building, providing facilities to enroll up to 120 children in four classrooms (grades 1-4), boy’s bathrooms, girl’s bathrooms, cafeteria, and offices.

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