marleneMarlene Mathurin Executive Directro co-founder of ARCF for many years has helped her Haitian people as they struggle for social and economic justice. Her story began in 1994 when she returned to Haiti, from New York. The Haiti she left in 1967 was no longer the country she remembered, for crippling poverty and desperation throughout this once beautiful island nation. She decided with a group of concerned individual to do something.

Her efforts resulted in the successful creation of Fondation pour la Survie de l’Enfant Haitien [FSEH], a nonprofit apolitical organization, which operated as a resource under the Cooperative Council of Haiti [CCH] Haiti mission with the US-Support Group-Haiti (J-5) from 1994-1998 in Humanitarian Assistance and Civic Actions Services.
Marlene then successfully managed the USAID-Haiti’s At-Risk Youth Program from 1998-2002 as Executive Director of “Chambre de l’Enfance Nécéssiteuse Haitienne. [CENH] an organization that leads a coalition of institutions working with orphaned and vulnerable children throughout the country.

The continuation of the socioeconomic and political crisis that marred a transition to democracy in Haiti has caused many setbacks; aggravated by the departure of the United Nations troops to leave Haiti by order of the UN General Secretary Kofi Annan. The $500 million dollars aids for Haiti were frozen. The Strategic Objective for 2004 (SO4) of USAID was forsaken, and all doors were closed.

On November of 2002, Mathurin co-founded The At Risk Children Foundation “ARCF”, A nonprofit organization with a 501 (C)(3) status, with the mission to promote, develop and improve basic living conditions for the most needy Haitian children and families of all faiths.

Since its inception At Risk Children for the past14 years ago has been providing critical assistance to children and families struggling in poverty through many programs aimed at improving the lives of children, strengthening families through community empowerment, at escaping poverty through education.