2006-Sean-150Rev Sean Mulcahy was ordained a Roman Catholic priest at All Hallows Seminary in Ireland. He came immediately to the Archdiocese of Miami in the United States. He served in 3 different parishes, and then founded and built St. Ignatius Church in Palm Beach Gardens.
In January 1976, St. Maurice Parish in Fort Lauderdale welcomed Fr. Mulcahy as it next Pastor and were blessed by his leadership for the next 23 years. Many wonderful things happened during those years. Fr. Sean’s finest attributes flourished at St. Maurice. He directed the parish with administrative ability, pastoral sensitivity, and a powerful sense of social justice. He demonstrated these especially by promoting The St. Maurice Hunger Program. This unique parochial effort provided funds for food and water for the poorest people in communities throughout the world. He funded this gigantic charity primarily from the proceeds of the annual Country Fair at St. Maurice. Who could forget a dedicated Fr. Sean emptying the garbage pails during this fair which attracted thousands.

Fr. Sean’s qualities of commitment to the poor, unquestioned purity of motivation, and business acumen were exactly what At Risk Children’s Foundation needed in its new position of vice-chairman. Thus, we were thrilled when Father agreed to shoulder this great responsibility as a member of the executive board. We look forward to his creativity and work-ethic in behalf of our beloved children of Haiti.