Education in Haiti represents a heavy financial burden on many poor families, especially in rural Haiti. The average yearly cost to send a child to school in Haiti average $500.00 US dollars, or more, including enrollment fees, tuition, uniforms, books, shoes, and all other supplies.

This fee eliminates all poor children from attending. Your donation of

  • $92.00 Provides: (2 sets of uniforms-school shoe, socks.
  • $100.00 to 150.00 Provides: Annual tuition (depend on the Grade)
  • $80.00 Provides: school supplies, backpack
  • $150.00 Provides: Books, notebooks, jerseys, and a pair of sneakers.

As a result, an estimated 600,000 children are illiterate. To prevent the flow of children into restavek , (child labor) we have partnered with faith-based and community schools to overcome some of these varied challenges, providing full tuition for students including all their accessories and other necessities.

We also built a recreational pavilion to serve the youth, the community and visitors on the 2 ½ acres of land granted to ARCF by local authorities.

We believe that a focus on Education is the best gift that we can give to the children and young adults. Haiti’s greatest resource is the youth of tomorrow! We are determined to lend a hand to help the children of Haiti rise out of poverty, not through charity but through education.

How can you help?

At Risk Children’s mission is to help bring an end to extreme poverty, by providing educational opportunities
that prepare underserved children to thrive for success and beyond.

Join in. Be a Volunteer !

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Our Team

The vitality of the At-Risk Children Foundation depends upon strong and committed board members. Members on the directorships are people who will uphold the standards of ARCF-Save the Kids, and keep the organization strong and viable in the midst of changing times and new challenges.
|| Member List ||

Marlene Mathurin

Executive director & co-Founder
Marlene Mathurin is the Chief Catalyst with twenty four years experience working in humanitarian assistance focusing primarily on improving the quality of…

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Dr. Joel S. Charles, MD-MPA

Health Mobile Clinic Coordinator
Doctor Charles has many years experience in Public Health and Development in the Caribbean, Africa and the United States. Extensive…

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Rev. Pastor Sean Mulcahy

Rev Sean Mulcahy was ordained a Roman Catholic priest at All Hallows Seminary in Ireland. He came immediately to the Archdiocese of Miami in the United States. He served…

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Community Updates

follow some of the updates from Jacmel, Custine and Port-au-Prince,
community and the changes in their lives.