Letter from the editor

We are the last generation of dreamers. The names: Bouard, Durand, Borde, Desinor, Pompilus, Paillant, Alcindor, Gaillard, Duperville and many others are among those that gave us inspiration. We wanted to be like them, become great leaders to the Republique of Haiti. Now, when children are posed the question of what they aspire to be when they grow up—they simply don’t know. The children no longer recognize these names. It seems they have no one to look up to, has Haiti lost all its heroes? For some, even the struggle to continue day by day is enough; the distance future is too intangible for them. As each day goes by these thoughts seem more real.

One day a child knelt by her bed and prayed. Last year she wanted to be a policewoman to kill anyone who tried to harm her family. Now at six, not even that calls her attention. “I pray so that if I have no money, God will give me some.” This child was neither an orphan nor considered a child-at-risk. What could a child with no mother, no father, and no home hope for? Have even our children’s dreams been robbed?! So with this letter we hope to facilitate communication and increase awareness, so that our leaders of tomorrow dream of a better Haiti today.