Portrait of Custine

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  • Custine is a rural village, approximately 3 mile north of Cavaillon Haiti’s southern region.It occupies about 70 to 100 acres. Our land consists of 2 acres. All the land is flat with the Massacre river flowing through our land. The river is about 80 ft wide and 7 ft in depth. Our land is plotted within an enclosure of cactus and is monitored by an on-site caretaker 24 hrs per day.

    About 15,000 people live in greater Custine and its surrounding 50% are children

    The area has no viable economy, very little economic activity in the areas. The main industries are small retail shops located outside people’s homes. Resident eats off the land from their own plantings.

    No market or food is available to sell in Custine. Food is scarce to being totally unavailable. Quality planting materials, basic technical skills distribution and marketing are completely absent. For example bananas, corn, bread fruit, and potato, are their main food.

    Greater Custine has 1 grade school and no additional facility. This school has 232 students. It is a Catholic school that charges between $60.00 to 90.00 U.S / year, not including books, uniform, shoes or special fees.

    This fee eliminates nearly all children attendance. Accordingly few can read or write, but our experience indicates these children are eager to learn. This problem resulted to a literacy rate of more than 75% of the population.

Our goal is to provide educational opportunities that prepare underserved children to thrive for success and beyond. ARCF’s innovative model will integrates a rigorous academic program with a nurturing boarding program, which teaches life skills and provides a safe and secure environment.

There can be much promise for the Haitians, but the first challenge toward the hope of a new life is to have safe and comfortable communities from which to help rebuild their world. The Soveyo School Learning Center is that first critical step because its commitment is to the children of today to provide the opportunity for education, good health, security and love.